DIY Wedding Decor

DIY Wedding Decor

Planning a wedding is no easy task, but with do-it-yourself decor, you can turn it into a fun one! Making your own wedding decorations brings out your artistic side, allows you to weave your own personal touch into your ceremony, and can really help save some of your budget. Here are a few of our favorite DIY wedding decor projects to inspire your creativity:


Light-up Mason Jars



When it comes to DIY, mason jars are popularly a bride’s best friend. They are affordable, durable, and seamlessly fit in at bohemian, outdoor ceremonies. For this project, you’ll just need a rack of mason jars and several strings of fairy lights, which you’ll wrap into a ball and place inside each jar. The result: gorgeous, rustic-like lamps that will keep your ceremony glowing all night.


Chalkboard Signs



You can order custom chalk signage online, but they can often be quite pricey. Thankfully, you can make your own! You’ll need a canvas-sized chalkboard, chalk, and a measuring tape to ensure your artwork is neat and even. This project may take a few tries to get it just right, but luckily, you can erase and rewrite as many times as you need.


Bottle Centerpieces



Whether your florist budget is limited or you’re aiming for a relaxed, minimalist ceremony, homemade bottle centerpieces are easy to make and produce gorgeous results. You’ll need a few bunches of long-stemmed flowers that match your wedding’s color palette and glass bottles, which can be purchased at a craft store, or simply collected over time by keeping your empty soda, alcohol, or condiment bottles. 

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