Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding the right bridesmaid dresses for your wedding is a key decision. The bridesmaid dresses create a backdrop of color at the altar, and give a palette for you to work decor around. As a major mood setter at your wedding, it’s natural to want bridesmaid dresses that stand out! A trend that’s becoming more and more popular is the mismatched trend, allowing your bridesmaids to wear styles that they feel more confident in, and sometimes even giving you a multicolored palette to work with. 

Same Color, Different Styles

1680 by Allure

1685 by Allure



This is the easiest way to accomplish the mismatched trend, and you still get a more traditional, single-color look. The best way to do this is to select a color and fabric from a designer, then allow your bridesmaids to choose a style that they like best. Each woman will be able to wear a neckline and silhouette that she feels completely confident in, and you’ll know your bridesmaids like their dresses. 

Different Colors & Styles

2007 by Bari Jay

2035 by Bari Jay



If you’re wanting a true, completely mismatched look, finding dresses that pair well together is much more challenging. We recommend choosing a palette ahead of time, or giving your bridesmaids a monotone range of shades, like a varying combination of purple-pinks, then approving each bridesmaid’s choice. You’ll get a dazzling end result, with a range of shades that look gorgeous together and give your wedding a unique look. 

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