Things to Know for Your First Bridal Appointment

Things to Know for Your First Bridal Appointment

For first-time bridal shoppers, preparing for your first bridal appointment can make the entire process smoother and less stressful. Knowing what to bring, what to expect, and who to take along with you can make all the difference in your bridal shopping experience. 

Come Inspired


We love when brides bring along inspirational photos of dresses they’ve liked. Showing your consultant images from your Pinterest board or out of magazines can help narrow down which gowns in the store are closer to your style, helping you find dresses you like sooner into your appointment!

Stay Open-Minded


While we want you to share your inspiration photos, we encourage you to stay open-minded while shopping. You may come into your appointment expecting to love a ball gown, only to realize you don’t love it as much on. We have plenty of brides who fall in love with something they weren’t expecting to—so be open to something you wouldn’t normally try on!

Wear the Right Underwear


When shopping, it’s important to come in the right undergarments. We recommend wearing something comfortable, in either nude or white, so that your underwear doesn’t distract from any dresses you try on. This way, you’re not worried about anything other than how you look and feel in the dress. 

Bring Guests


You should absolutely bring guests along with you to your appointment! You’ll love having loved ones with you to support you while you shop, and it’ll be a great memory to have once you’ve found the dress. However, we recommend keeping the guests limited: with too many guests, your voice can be drowned out, and your opinion is the most important when choosing your wedding dress. 

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