We are proud to offer the services of an expert tailoring team here at Lastrina Girls with many years of experience. Our tailoring team focuses solely on bridal and special occasion gowns so they are able to offer you the best in craftsmanship.

While the cost of alterations is not included in the purchase price of a gown, our customers have come to find that our pricing is very competitive. All alterations pricing is a la carte, so customers only pay for what they need to have done and each dress is fully pressed and steamed before pick-up to make sure it is perfect for the event. Specific quotes for dresses are given by the tailor and are based on the specific work that needs to be done for a particular garment.

We also offer tailoring services for ‘outside’ dresses as well, however there is a one-time fee of $75 for wedding gowns and $35 for all other dresses.