Meet the Lastrina Girls

Photo of Lastrina Girls Team

Krista Lastrina
Bridal Salon Owner

Holly Labbadia
Bridal Consultant


K'Ehleyr McKeever
Bridal Consultant

Jill Lee
Assistant Bridal Consultant

Melany Smeriglio
Assistant Bridal Consultant

What once started as a sister-run boutique has now grown into what Lastrina Girls is today... We often hear the question, “What does Lastrina Girls mean?” and the answer is fairly simple—it’s us! Our maiden name is Lastrina and growing up as a trio of close-knit sisters, we were given the unexpected nickname of ‘the Lastrina girls’… it’s funny how nicknames stick!

As close sisters, we love each other and try to practice respect and honesty, all with a healthy dose of humor. It’s not too surprising that those same simple principles are the foundation of our thriving business. Now, as we travel through life, the Lastrina Girls family has grown in wonderful ways to include close friends and family, including the newest generation of Lastrina Girls!